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A programming language is a notation used to express algorithms and write programs. An algorithm is a process for obtaining a result by a succession of calculations, described in the form of pictograms and simple terms in a natural language.


HyperText Markup Language, usually abbreviated as HTML, is the markup language designed to represent web pages. It is a language for writing hypertext, hence its name. HTML also allows you to semantically and logically structure and format the content of pages, to include multimedia resources including images, input forms and computer programs.

Cascading Style Sheets, commonly referred to as CSS, form a computer language that describes the presentation of HTML and XML documents. The standards defining CSS are published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).


JavaScript is a scripting language mainly used in interactive web pages but also for servers with the use (for example) of Node.js. It is an object oriented language to prototype.


React (also known as React.js or ReactJS) is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies.

React can be used as a base in the development of single-page or mobile applications, as it’s optimal only for its intended use of being the quickest method to fetch rapidly changing data that needs to be recorded.
However, fetching data is only the beginning of what happens on a web page, which is why complex React applications usually require the use of additional libraries for state management, routing, and interaction with an API.


Node.js is a free and event-driven JavaScript software platform oriented towards network applications that need to be scalable.

It uses the V8 virtual machine and implements the CommonJS specifications under MIT license.

Among the native modules of Node.js, we find http which allows the development of HTTP servers. It is therefore possible to do without web servers such as Nginx or Apache when deploying websites and web applications developed with Node.js.

In concrete terms, Node.js is a low-level environment that allows server-side JavaScript execution.

Node.js is used as a web server platform, it is used by Groupon, Vivaldi, SAP, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Walmart, Rakuten, Sage and PayPal.

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PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, better known by its acronym PHP (recursive acronym), is a free programming language, mainly used to produce dynamic Web pages via an HTTP server, but can also work like any other language interpreted locally. . PHP is an imperative object-oriented language.


WordPress is a content management system (CMS), free and open source. This software written in PHP is based on a MySQL database and is distributed by the American company Automattic. The features of WordPress allow him to create and manage different types of websites: blog, e-commerce site, showcase site or portfolio. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2 license.
In 2017, WordPress is used by 29% of the websites in the world.


Design is the creation of a project for the production and production of an object (product, space, service) or system, which is at the crossroads of art, technology and technology. of the society.


The user experience, often abbreviated to UX, is a concept that emerged in the 1990s, following the publication of Donald Norman’s book The Design of Everyday Things, to indicate that the analysis of the functions of a artifact (tool, technical object, human-machine interface …) is not sufficient to understand the relationship of users with this artifact and it is necessary to take into account the subjective and affective dimension of the person, which makes to intervene the notion of pleasure.

The concept of user experience is intended to complement that of usability. The user experience is less strictly functional since it focuses on the cumulative emotional impact to a rational benefit. It is understood that the approach is good to create a pleasant experience.


The user interface is a type of computer interface that allows a user to manipulate the machine. It coordinates human-machine interactions and is part of industrial design.

  • The graphic interface is a device in which the objects to be manipulated are presented in the form of pictograms on which the user can imitate physical manipulations with a mouse;
  • The web interface is a graphical interface of a Web application. It is handled using a web browser.

The graphic designer designs and produces drawings, illustrations, models and sketches to effectively illustrate and communicate information, an idea or a message for publications, advertising, films, posters and signage.


Marketing is an organizational culture, a state of mind that seeks to focus on the expectations and needs of the organization’s stakeholders in relation to the expectations and needs of its members.


A market research is a marketing exploration work designed to analyze, measure and understand the actual functioning of the forces at work in the context of a market.
This is an activity typically implemented as part of the marketing management approach.
Concretely – once established the perimeter to be observed – this covers the study of the behaviors, assessments, needs and expectations of the applicants and offerers present on this market, as well as the conditions under which they act (or not) to achieve the corresponding exchanges to the satisfaction of their goals and interests.


After defining the role of communication in the marketing strategy, it is necessary to focus the objectives on the essentials so as not to disperse. It is also a question of putting these objectives in the long term and of having a global approach to communication. That is to say, to ensure the complementarity of the action programs that constitute the mix of communication.


CM, the community manager abstract, is a business that involves leading and unifying communities on the Internet on behalf of a company, a brand, a celebrity, or an institution. Deeply linked to web 2.0 and the development of social networks, the business is still evolving today. The heart of the profession lies in interaction and exchange with Internet users (animation, moderation); but the community manager can have different activities depending on the context.



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